Limited Edition Victor & Penny 45

New Beginnings

Last year recordBar was invited into a partnership to create Middle Class Records which for a number of technicalities never quite got off the ground. We really embraced the concept and have worked to put together a new in-house 7" series that will pick up some of the pieces that were left behind.

EAT. HEAR. RECORDS is proud to announce our first 7" release as the latest recording from Kansas City American swing darlings, Victor & Penny. This 45 features two new songs with a full band recorded by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures right here in the Crossroads (our new home).

Available for pre-sale. No repressing available. Purchase your original copy now:

A Bit About Victor and Penny 

Victor & Penny deliver hot, original Americana Swing in the band’s signature high-energy style with joy, humor, and soaring musical improvisation. This corset-tight group crafts clever tunes and brings a modern Kansas City voice to prohibition era jazz with charm and hot licks. 

They are an "absolute rollicking blast."

V&P was named “Best Folk Ensemble 2015” by the PITCH; “Standout Concert of the Year” by the Joplin Globe; and are three-time Folk Alliance International official showcase artists. In 2016, the group released a full-length CD, “Electricity” that debuted at #12 with the #3 song on the Folk DJ radio chart.

We are honored to have them on as our first release!

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Instagram: @VictorandPenny

Vinyl to Come

EAT. HEAR. RECORDS plans to release one very limited edition 7" per quarter. No repressing, each numbered and signed. As record collector nerds we also value the nature of a recording as a document and a piece of artwork. We aim to provide the artists with a high-quality (over quantity) artifact that expresses their vision to the fullest.

We are keeping the release schedule under our hat for now but we promise you a very eclectic and exciting mix of artists to come in this highly collectible series.


  1. Hmm this series seems familiar. Limited edition 7", one per quarter you say? All Kansas City bands?


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